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Mar 21, 2021


Interviewee and Article Reviewer/Ruey-Shyang Hseu  
Interviewer and Article Organizer/Wu Tingyao
The series of articles with the statement that “It is more necessary to eat Lingzhi in the post-epidemic era” as the theme were originally published on This article wasauthorized by the author to excerpt partial content of this series of articles for reprinting and publishing.

If the immune system is compromised, how can the vaccine be effective?
“Vaccination” is undoubtedly the hottest topic recently, but have you ever wondered what the nature of a vaccine is?
The vaccines can be divided into two types. One of these vaccines is similar to a cancer vaccine. After vaccination, the antibodies injected into the human body can directly eliminate cancer cells.
The other is a virus vaccine: bring in an “imaginary enemy” and let your immune system practice how to deal with it first. When the real enemy comes in, the virus vaccine can wipe out the enemy at the beachhead. This is the concept of virus vaccine prevention.
In other words, the novel coronavirus vaccine does not directly kill the virus but uses an imaginary enemy to induce an autonomous immune response.
The point is, when we make an imaginary enemy and send it to the human body through various channels, who will identify the imaginary enemy at this time?
It is of course the immune system (immune cells).
Your immune system must first recognize that “the virus vaccine is not your own person” before it can further set the virus vaccine as an imaginary enemy to conduct military training.
In other words, against whom will the vaccine be effective, and against whom will it be ineffective?
If your immune system itself is unbalanced or is composed of a group of old and weak soldiers who lack identification ability and combat effectiveness, even if you first send an imaginary enemy in front of your immune system, your immune system will not be able to train these soldiers!
Therefore, first adjust the immune system accurately. In this way, the immune system can only be exercised when the vaccine enters the body. Otherwise, the best vaccine will not help the immune system.
Lingzhi (also called Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi mushroom) is an edible vaccine adjuvant.
Adjuvants are added to all vaccines, and they act like a pioneer against an imaginary enemy, alerting the immune system. When the imaginary enemy is sent into the body, the immune system may mobilize the entire immune army and play a good training effect.
Therefore, the effectiveness of vaccines is often closely related to adjuvants. An ineffective adjuvant is useless to a competent imaginary enemy.
Anything that can initiate or enhance an immune response can be used as an adjuvant.
Lingzhi is an adjuvant that can increase the effectiveness of vaccines. It is a safe and edible adjuvant.
The reason for emphasizing the safety of Lingzhi is that many people are allergic to the adjuvant in the vaccine when they are vaccinated.
Different races and even different individuals have different responses to adjuvants.
If your immune system is always normal, your body is of course not easy to be troubled. If your immune system is inherently unbalanced, your body may be allergic to adjuvants.
So, before getting the vaccine, eat Lingzhi!
First, use Lingzhi to accurately adjust the immune system so that the immune system will not be activated randomly. At the same time, use Lingzhi to make the immune legion strict in discipline so that the immune system can perform effective exercises against the imaginary enemy played by the vaccine.
When there is no injectable vaccine, it is better to eat Ganoderma lucidum to enhance the immune system’s ability to recognize and defend against various viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. You must first strengthen your body’s resistance, and then you can wait for the opportunity to get the vaccine!
Although you cannot select a vaccine, you can select Lingzhi.
As for which vaccine to get, you actually have no choice but to wait to be rationed.

But with regard to Lingzhi, you can choose not only whether to eat it or not but also which brand you want to eat.
The vaccine is just a candlelight in the dark. As you get closer to the candlelight, you will find that the candlelight does not seem to be very bright, so you have to find another light. But in fact, you have a flashlight by your side for a long time, why don’t you always turn it on?
If you are afraid that the vaccine will fail, take Lingzhi to boost your immune system.
If you think that you can sit back and relax after being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, you misjudge.
A vaccine can only teach the immune system to recognize a specific virus.
The problem is that the virus is bound to make mistakes when it replicates, and when it fights with the immune system, it tries to disguise itself for survival. When it mutates to the extent that the immune system can’t recognize it, the immune system can’t catch it.
This is like the face recognition system of a mobile phone. When you newly bought a mobile phone, you taught your mobile phone to recognize you, and you can turn it on by just scanning your face; when you wear a mask, a more powerful mobile phone may be able to recognize you. But when you put on a mask, hat and sunglasses, no matter how many times you scan your face, your phone still doesn’t recognize you.
In other words, when the immune system is trained by vaccines to recognize a virus that lands from the sea, once this virus disguises itself as a paratrooper and descends from the sky, the sluggish immune system may treat this virus as its own person because the immune system only regards those who land from the sea as enemies.
So the more finely tuned the immune system is, the less effective the vaccine is, because a vaccine can only target one type of enemy.
Assuming that the novel coronavirus vaccine you injected is very effective, it means that your immune system will recognize this novel coronavirus very accurately and all immune cells are alert to it. If this virus does not come in the end, and its another variant invades the human body, but the immune system does not recognize this variant at all, wouldn’t it be miserable?
In the world, there are not only novel coronaviruses but also many other viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Vaccines will encourage the immune system to assemble heavily to deal with the novel coronavirus. At the same time, other viruses, bacteria and cancer cells may take the opportunity to cause chaos.
So don’t think that vaccination can replace eating Lingzhi!
After being vaccinated, you should take Lingzhi to activate other “non-specific” immune cells to avoid gaps in the immune system. Only in this way will you not care for this and lose that. Only in this way will you not have to worry about the possibility that the vaccine will become ineffective against the mutant virus.105
[Explanation] Vaccination is like knowing the virus (imaginary enemy) first. The immune system must be able to “discover” it, dispatch various immune cells, and go through many reaction procedures before it can produce antibodies and activate complete protection. Each link is indispensable. Research in the past 30 years has shown that Lingzhi has a comprehensive regulatory effect on the immune system, taking into account all the immune responses required for anti-virus. For details, please refer to the article ”Reply on Ganoderma to Coexist with Viruses and Achieve Herd Immunity”. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) 
About Professor Ruey-Shyang Hseu, National Taiwan University
● In 1990, he obtained a Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University with the thesis “Research on the Identification System of Ganoderma Strains”, and became the first Chinese PhD in Ganoderma lucidum.
● In 1996, he established the “Ganoderma strain provenance identification gene database” to provide academics and industry with the basis for determining the provenance of Ganoderma.
● Since 2000, he has devoted himself to the independent development and application of functional proteins in Ganoderma to realize the homology of medicine and food.
● He is currently an adjunct professor in the Department of Biochemical Science and Technology of National Taiwan University, the founder of and the editor-in-chief of the magazine “GANODERMA”.
★ The original text of this article was narrated orally in Chinese by Professor Ruey-Shyang Hseu, organized in Chinese by Ms.Wu Tingyao and translated into English by Alfred Liu. If there is any discrepancy between the translation (English) and the original (Chinese), the original Chinese shall prevail.