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First Emperor of Qin Hunts for Elixir of Life

Meat Lingzhi, also known as Tai Sui, is the elixir of life that First Emperor of Qin sought in the legend. Li Shizhen did record meat Lingzhi in the Compendium of Materia Medica and included it in the "Zhi" category of the "Cai" department. It is edible and can be used as medicine. It is regarded as "the top medicine of the herbal classic" . It has the effect of keeping the body youthful and prolonging life if taken for a long time.

In 219 BC, First Emperor of Qin once sailed around the Shandong Peninsula, where he had been lingering for three months and heard that there were three immortal mountains in the Bohai Bay, named Penglai, Fangzhang and Yingzhou.

Three immortals lived on the three immortal mountains with elixir in their hands. The person who told First Emperor of Qin this amazing story was Xu Fu. He was a local alchemist. He said that he had seen the three immortal mountains with his own eyes. After hearing this, First Emperor of Qin was very happy and dispatched Xu Fu to lead three thousand boys and girls into the sea to find the elixir. The huge fleet led by Xu Fu set off, but after drifting for a long time at sea, he could not find what he called immortal mountains, let alone an elixir. First Emperor of Qin was a tyrant. But Xu Fu did not complete his mission. If he returned, he would be killed. So he took the thousands of boys and girls to Japan.

Although Xu Fu went away forever, First Emperor of Qin did not stop seeking immortality. Four years later, in 215 BC, he found another alchemist named Lu Sheng and dispatched Lu Sheng to seek immortality. Lu sheng’s duty was different from that of Xu Fu. Xu Fu went to look for an elixir while Lu Sheng went to the sea to look for two ancient immortals, one called "Gao Shi" and another called "Xian Men."

According to records, the elixir of life that First Emperor of Qin could not find everywhere is commonly known as "Tai Sui" and the scientific name is "Meat Lingzhi". But in the end, First Emperor of Qin didn't take the elixir and didn’t live for a hundred years, and even the Qin Dynasty died early.