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  • Beet Root for Endurance: The beet root juice powder is formulated to provide powerful endurance-boosting benefits. Featuring the nutrient-rich beet root, this supplement helps improve your performance without caffeine or sugar.
  • Beet Root for Circulation: The Beet Root juice powder is designed to support healthy circulation, with per serving 5000mg high strength Beet Root powder. The high concentration of dietary nitrates helps maintain a healthy blood flow.
  • Beet Root with Reishi Mushroom: Each cup of beet root juice contains 50mg of reishi mushroom spore powder extract (equivalent to 500mg of organic reishi mushroom powder). The reishi mushroom spore powder extract is verified to contain over 30% beta-glucan.
  • High Concentrated Beet Root: 1 scoop beet root juice powder equivalent to 6 whole beet root. The easily absorbed water-soluble beet root juice powder adapts ultra high-pressure cold press technology, concentrating 6 beetroots into 1 cup of nutrients.
  • No Sugar Added Beet Root: Scoop included to get the perfect measurement every time. No sugar added beetroot juice powder forms for higher concentration, quicker absorption, and easier on the stomach. Easily mix beetroot powder into smoothies, juice, or water.
  • Safe Sediment: It is not a quality problem if there are sediments in the beetroot juice drink. These sediments are wall-broken reishi mushroom spore extract powder. Please rest assured.  

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