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  • 🍄Energy Booster Mushroom Coffee Cappuccino Mix: Enriched with the powerful adaptogen reishi mushroom, this mushroom coffee cappuccino mix is a source of energy and vitality to fight stress and anxiety, perfect for a cozy night in or a chilly day outdoors.
  • 🍄4200 mg of Reishi Mushroom in Each Cup: Each cup of mushroom coffee cappuccino mix contains 420mg of organic reishi mushroom extract (equivalent to 4200mg organic reishi mushroom powder). Drink it daily to fight off fatigue and improve overall well-being.
  • 🍄Perfect Blend of Milk and Coffee: The rich milk flavor of the mushroom cappuccino mix turns the bitter coffee into mellow, thick, and full of milk foam that tastes sweet and slightly bitter, giving you a different rich experience in every bite.
  • 🍄Aromatic & Flavourful Mild Coffee: The mushroom cappuccino skillfully blended with Arabica’s sweetness and aroma and Robusta’s body and character through carefully selected from the finest coffee plantations, delivering a warming treat.
  • 🍄Ready in Seconds: Our mushroom cappuccino mix is convenient and delicious. Treat yourself to a comforting cup in just seconds with this easy-to-prepare mushroom coffee cappuccino. Enjoy the rich, smooth flavor without having to wait long to enjoy it.

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