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Miss Dragon and Herb Gatherer

According to legend, there is a large cave at the top of the ice cave mountain. After May of each year, the cave starts to freeze and becomes as shiny as a fairyland. It used to be a dragon palace, where Miss Dragon lived, and she looked very beautiful. She often gathered Angelica sinensis and Haraella retrocalla on the mountain to treat Dragon Mother’s disease.

A young man lived in the rock house under the mountain, making a living by gathering herbs. He had only one relative in the family - his dad, who had been ill in bed for three years. The young man lived very poorly.

The young man had a purple bamboo flute. He often blew flutes on a clear and bright night, and the sound was very moving sometimes like a spring coming out of a hole or sometimes like a hundred birds singing together; his flute sound seemed to be able to move the trees to tears.

The flute sound even moved Miss Dragon. She often hid behind the rock house and overheard. When she heard the emotional department, she wept silently.

One day, the young man was collecting herbs in the old forest in the mountain and saw a beautiful lady with a hand-held herb basket smiling at him. The herb gatherer looked at her and was very surprised. In this deep mountain, how could such a woman appear? Besides, she was so pretty and not dressed like a common person, was she immortal? He was suspecting that the woman had already left, and he stood there and looked for a long time.

A few days later, the herb gatherer met the woman in the old forest of the mountain. She came to tell him that she was Miss Dragon. Now that her mother was seriously ill and needed a remedy named Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum, or Reishi mushroom), she had to search mountains one by one and had not found it. She hoped he could help find it. The herb gatherer promised to find such a herb by his own efforts. Then, they agreed the time when Miss Dragon came to get the herb.

Then Miss Dragon returned to the dragon palace, the herb gatherer immediately went up the hill to collect Lingzhi. He finally got one Lingzhi on a steep cliff but was bitten by the poisonous snake guarding the Lingzhi. He rolled down the steep cliff and fainted.

Miss Dragon came to the agreed place at the agreed time, and she could not find the herb gatherer. She realized something was wrong and searched him along the footprints left by him. When she found him, the young man had only one breath but still held the Lingzhi tightly in his hand. Miss Dragon was moved to tears and carried him on her shoulders to the foot of the mountain and rested him in the rock house. She took the Lingzhi and hurried back to the Dragon Palace.

Lingzhi cured Dragon Mother's illness. Dragon Mother was very grateful and wanted to thank the herb gatherer. She asked her daughter what the young man he wanted and promised to gift him any treasure she had. Miss Dragon replied that the young man wanted nothing but Dragon Mother’s daughter – Miss Dragon. After careful considerations, Dragon Mother decided to consult with Dragon King.

Dragon king refused to marry his daughter to the herb gatherer and locked her up.

Later, the herb gatherer missed Miss Dagon so much that he finally turned into a hill.

Lingzhi has been regarded as a magic herb by the people since ancient times. In fact, it is just a precious traditional Chinese medicine. It does not have the magical effects of curing all diseases, resurrecting life and making people live forever as legend says.