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The White Snake Stole the Celestial Herb

The Legend of the White Snake is a beautiful love story that has been passed down through the ages in China.

The story tells that in Sichuan Province in southwestern China, there was a famous mount called Emei with a cave named White Cloud on the top of the mountain. A white snake lived in the cave. After a long period of hard practice, the white snake accumulated extraordinary power and turned into a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, there was also a green snake on the mountain, which also turned into a human form. The green snake and the white snake made sisters. They were very friendly with each other and got along well.

One day, the two snakes transformed into young ladies and went to Hangzhou West Lake. The white snake was known as Bai Suzhen, wearing a milky white dress. And the green snake is called Qing'er, wearing a cyan dress.

When traveling around the lake, Bai Suzhen met a youth named Xu Xian. They fell in love with each other and got married.

Monk Fahai, the abbot of the Jinshan temple, figured out that the white lady was a white snake incarnated, so he instigated Xu Xian to force Bai Suzhen to drink a cup of realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival. Bai Suzhen showed her true snake shape after drinking, and Xu Xian was scared to death.

When Bai Suzhen woke up, she found that Xu Xian was dead and was very sad. Regardless of her pregnancy, she risked her life to steal the celestial grass - Lingzhi.

Bai Suzhen waded through the mountains and waters, and finally found Lingzhi (Reishi mushroom, or Ganoderma lucidum). When she found no one was around the Lingzhi, she secretly picked one. When she was about to leave, she was discovered by Mei Tong and Lu Tong who guarded the fairy grass. They blocked Bai Suzhen's way and stabbed her with her sword.

Because Bai Suzhen was fatigued after travelling a long distance and was pregnant. She was caught after a few rounds of fighting. Seeing that Bai Suzhen was going to be killed, an old man with the complexion of a youth and a snowy head named the Old Man of the South Pole was touched by Bai Suzhen's sincerity in saving her husband and ordered the two immortal children to release Bai Suzhen and gifted Lingzhi to her.

Bai Suzhen was unexpectedly rescued from a desperate situation and was grateful to the Old Man of South Pole. She took the celestial grass and flied home y riding on the clouds in a blink of an eye.

Qing'er boiled Lingzhi into soup, prying Xu Xian's mouth with a spoon, and pouring Lingzhi soup into it. Only a few moments
later, Xu Xian sighed softly, and his stomach murmured "Grunting". After a while, Xu Xian's limbs were gradually moving, and her heart began to beat again.

The Lingzhi indeed brought Xu Xian back to life.