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Collection Standardization – Fruiting Body

  • The pileus stops expanding outward, the surface is uniform in color, and there are 3 thick layers on the edge. At this time, the bottom of the pileus is full and milky white, and the spores inside are almost mature and ready to eject. It is the moment when the fruiting body contains the most edible value.

    ● The fruiting body, after its spore powder is harvested, needs to be dried and dehydrated for storage.

Collection Standardization – Spore Powder

  • According to Standards on Harvesting and Processing Techniques of Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder(GB/T 29344-2012) developed by GANOHERB, fresh spore powder ejected 15 days before harvest is guaranteed to be fine and full.
    ● Our patent named The Method and Collector that Avoid Reishi Mushroom Spore Powder from Falling to the Ground ensures that the spore powder is clean and pollution-free during the harvesting period.(Patent No.: zl 201510708287.8)
    ● After the harvested spore powder is sieved, sterilized and dried, it can enter the processing stage of cell wall breaking.


ProcessingQuality Control Standardization

  • Every year, the national certification body randomly selects some raw materials at our Reishi Mushroom plantation and sends them to the third party for undergoing more than 300 items of pesticide residue testing. The results are all “Negative”.
    ● We purchase all raw materials such as plant capsules from well-known companies and conduct on-site inspections. Each batch of raw materials must pass the test before being accepted by the factory.

    ●We organize the production as per standardized procedures that comply strictly with the requirements of GMP for health food and medicine.

    ●All finished products are tested according to quality standards. After the products are tested and proved to be qualified, the qualified person will issue a “product release permit”, and then the qualified products can be put into the storage for sale