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Sep 12, 2023


At the beginning of this year, a study published in The Lancet suggested that the life expectancy of the Chinese population could potentially increase to 81.3 years by 2035.

With the improvement of living conditions and medical facilities, people in China are living longer. However, there are still many people in our lives who suffer from diseases at an early age, and some even pass away prematurely. How can we take a step closer to longevity? 

Keep these 5 points in mind, and you’ll be one step closer to longevity!

A survey by the Chinese Geriatrics Society shows that among the reasons for longevity in centenarians, genetic inheritance accounts for 15%, social factors account for 10%, improvements in medical conditions account for 8%, climate conditions account for 7%, and the remaining 60% depends on the elderly themselves.

How can we take a step closer to longevity? Keep these 5 points in mind!

1. Healthy Eating: Consume more natural foods and less artificial ones.

“Artificial food”, often referred to as “ultra-processed food”, is typically characterized by the addition of at least five types of additives, including sugar, preservatives, antiseptics, and colorants. These foods are generally high in sugar, fat, and calories. Consuming such “ultra-processed foods” on a regular basis can potentially expedite the aging process.

2.Increase Exercise: Exercise is the best elixir of longevity.

“People who love to exercise look younger.” Regular exercise among the elderly can continuously maintain the strength of leg muscles, improve cardiopulmonary and vascular functions, reduce the risk of falls, and enhance the quality of life.

3.Sufficient Sleep

As age increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to adjust sleep rhythms. From a young age, it’s important to cultivate good work and sleep habits, and try to go to sleep before 23:00 every day. With good food and sufficient sleep, people can become more energetic as they age.

4.Good Mood

If a person is in a bad mood, no amount of health preservation will be of any use. You may find that most of the long-lived elderly are broad-minded, optimistic, and non-judgmental. It’s rare to find a long-lived elder who is irritable and nitpicky.

5.Long-term Consumption of Ganoderma

Ganoderma, also known as “Fairy Grass,” is endowed with the symbolism of “longevity, fortune, and everything going as wished” among the people.

Medicinal Ganoderma, which is neutral in nature, non-toxic, and can lighten the body and prevent aging with long-term use, is the only top-grade medicine among thousands of herbal medicines that can enter the heart, liver, lung, and kidney meridians. It is also the foremost medicine among 365 medicinal materials for the preventive treatment of disease.

Modern medicine has confirmed that Ganoderma has the ability to regulate human immunity. It has been found to have a beneficial synergistic effect in the treatment of various human diseases. Regular consumption of Ganoderma can enhance vitality and strengthen muscles and bones.

As they age, middle-aged and elderly people can appropriately consume some Reishi products, such as Reishi spore oil and sporoderm-broken Reishi spore powder, which can help boost the immune system.

Reishi spore oil, which contains Reishi triterpenes, is known as “soft gold for liver protection” and is a favorite among many health-conscious individuals. It can be swallowed with water or chewed!

Take two softgels of spore oil every morning and evening to improve immunity.