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What is Ganoderma?
Ganoderma, which has an umbrella shape, is a genus of polypore fungi in the family Ganodermataceae. It has been reputed as magic herb since ancient time and is listed as the top medicine in Sheng Nong's Herbal Classic for mainly promoting health and longevity, being non-toxic and doing no harm to the body if taken frequently or for a long time.

Ganoderma Lucidum Fruiting Body
It refers to the whole Ganoderma. We usually boil it with water and take its soup, which is an older method of taking Ganoderma.

Ganoderma Lucidum Powder
More than 100 years ago, the practice of grinding Ganoderma lucidum into powder appeared, which relatively increased the absorption rate of the fruiting body and enabled the oral taking of Ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma Lucidum Extract
About 40 years ago, people began to use water or ethanol to extract the effective ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum, which greatly improved the efficiency of the product.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder
Twenty-five years ago, it was discovered that the spore powder ejected from the cap of Ganoderma lucidum has a higher content of active substances. Compared with Ganoderma lucidum powder or extract, spore powder has no bitter taste and is welcomed by the market. Later the cell-wall breaking technology increased the absorption rate of spore powder and enhanced the popularity of cell-wall broken spore powder.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil
As the advanced form of Ganoderma lucidum, spore oil is the essence of Ganoderma lucidum. It is a fat-soluble substance extracted from the spores of Ganoderma lucidum, which has a high content of triterpenoids. Compared with other products, it is more efficient and more easily absorbed by the human body. The spore oil manufacturer that is represented by GanoHerb is setting up another milestone product of Ganoderma lucidum after cell-wall broken spore powder.