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Fairy Yunv and Lingzhi

Legend has it that a long time ago, a green dragon practiced in the Dahong Mountain stream in Yingcheng. It is the youngest son of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. When he heard that Fairy Yunv of heavenly palace often bathed in the hot spring bathing pool, he hoped to get a little fairy air and add some skill, so he also took a bath in the hot spring bathing pool while Fairy Yunv was bathing. Because his magical skill was not deep, he polluted the hot spring bathing pool, which resulted in plague. After Fairy Yunv knew this incident, she immediately went down to earth to relieve the suffering of the common people.

She came to the land of the hot spring bathing pool, first pricked her finger with a hairpin, and then dripped blood into the hot spring to detoxify, and then went to Dahong Muntain to collect Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi mushroom) back to cure the people. She stepped on the auspicious clouds to the mountainside and saw a huge Lingzhi shining on the cliff. When she was about to approach, a leopard-print python suddenly burst out of the grass, trying to bite her. She quickly took off the jade pendant from her waist and threw it at the snake, trapping it instantly. The jade pendant was a ruyi circle, which could become larger or smaller. The python was tightly trapped and would not move after a while. She fixed her eyes on the python, which had turned into a herb-gathering hoe. The fairy was secretly happy, took the hoe and approached the Ganoderma but she found a large hornet’s nest hanging under the Lingzhi nearby which hornets were flying up and down. The fairy took out her magic fan and waved it, and the hornet's nest fell down and became a herb-gathering basket. The fairy was so happy that she picked up the medicine basket to carry the Lingzhi and came back to make up a prescription.

Yingcheng county magistrate surnamed Diao was a greedy and lecherous official. He learned that eating Lingzhi could not only keep away diseases but also prolong life, he wanted to forcibly occupy Lingzhi. He seized Fairy Yunv and confiscated her herb-gathering hoe and basket. Seeing the beauty of Fairy Yunv, County Magistrate Diao was fascinated but put on airs by inquiring Fairy Yunv whether she agreed to surrender Lingzhi and share the great wealth with him to exempt from punishment.

After listening to it, Fairy Yunv thought for a while and required three things to be done. The first thing she required was to release the stolen women on the court. County Magistrate Diao felt that all those stolen women were less pretty than one thousandth of Fairy Yunv and immediately ordered his servants to do the same.

The second thing required by Fairy Yunv was to open the granary grain and relieve victims. County Magistrate Diao originally refused to agree, but the more he looked at Fairy Yunv, the more his evil fire rose, he then ordered to open the granary grain and relieve victims.

The third thing required by Fairy Yunv was to cut off Diao’s head and show it to the public. Diao was enraged and ordered his servants to catch Fairy Yunv. When his servants were about to come forward, Fairy Yunv waved her magic fan. Then the herb-gathering basket turned into a hornet's nest, and the hornets came to attack the servants. When Diao was about to run away, Fairy Yunv waved the magic fan, and the herb-gathering hoe turned into a leopard python to bind Diao tightly. Soon Diao was dead.

Fairy Yunv waved the magic fan again. The group of hornets then got into the beehive, which turned into a herb-gathering basket again while the leopard-print python also turned into a herb-gathering hoe.

Then, Fairy Yunv went out of the county government, bid farewell to the people, and used magic powder to put down the green dragon in the bottom of Wenfeng Tower.