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Jun 23, 2021


Don’t buy Lingzhi (also called Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi) for your parents only at festivals! Because you can only experience the efficacy of Reishi after long-time consumption of Reishi. If you buy Lingzhi for your parents only on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals in hope of their long-time overall health, that is not going to happen.

As a health food, Lingzhi is a biological regulator for adjusting physical fitness and conditioning functions. After eating Lingzhi, you won’t experience its obvious effects until a month later. If you feel them immediately after eating, you’d better go to the hospital for an examination, because this shows that your body is in such a mess that you experience the immediate effect. This is just like 95 points achieved in the usual exam. No matter how hard you cram the night before the exam, it will change to 97 points at most. Do you feel it? Nope! However, if you always fail the exam and try to cram the night, you may get 85 points in the exam. Of course, you will find it very effective, because your original level is too bad! Since Lingzhi is a health food, don’t take it as a medicine and expect it to be immediately effective. Instead, you must have the mentality of preventing disease, so that the body can have a high standard of health at any time to strictly control those pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells. If the immune system can immediately detect the newly appearing harmful factors, the parents can truly keep healthy for a long tim

Although eating Lingzhi can prevent diseases and protect health, it does not mean that you will never get sick after eating Lingzhi. There are three conditions for people to get sick: old body parts, infection by viruses or bacteria, and accidents. When a person gets an infectious disease emergency or breaks his leg when going downstairs, can he be cured without seeing a doctor and taking medicines? Besides, natural aging is inevitable. In the past, few people lived to the age of 70. Can you expect yourself to live to the age of 70 or 80 with all the parts in your body excellent as before?

Lingzhi can be anti-aging, but its anti-aging effect is limited, and it also depends on how old you were when you started eating Lingzhi. Will the effect of eating Lingzhi since 60 years old be the same as the effect of eating Lingzhi since 30 years old? Diligent eating and occasional eating are completely different. So anti-aging should mean that compared with people of the same age, you will look younger and suffer less pain.

If one lady who is 80 years old looks like 25 years old, isn’t she a fairy? As for why you still catch a cold after taking Lingzhi? This kind of thinking is tantamount to questioning why accidents still occur since one goes to church every week or burns incense to pray to the Buddha every day. How can this kind of thing be so absolute? Human life is controlled by genetic code. Since your birth, your genetic code has long predestined when your body will have a certain condition. Eating Lingzhi just makes these doomed things happen later.

The severity of symptoms is difficult to judge by comparison with others because everyone has different genetic types. Patients can only compare the symptoms before and after eating Lingzhi. A person who raises a cat but is allergic to cats would have to go to the emergency department or go to hospital frequently due to asthma attacks, but after eating Lingzhi for several years, the physique has been adjusted to be able to stay with the cats every day, and asthma attacks once a week at most. Symptoms can be controlled by simply taking medicines, and patients no longer need to go to the emergency room or be hospitalized frequently. Patients should be happy since Lingzhi indeed improved their lives.

Every year, computer software fixes errors and continuously upgrades. How do people upgrade? DNA is destined as soon as a person is born. Some industry operators sniff the business opportunity and fool the public by saying that they can provide the service of “modifying DNA”. Dare you modify it? Isn’t that just selling you a wish for debugging and upgrading? Instead of spending money to buy an unreliable wish, why not eat Lingzhi and realize your wish with Lingzhi, which has been well-known since ancient times?

If you ask me, is it still too late for my parents to start eating Lingzhi at a very old age? My answer is that it’s never too late to believe in Amitabha. Only those who have no predestined relationship with Lingzhi do not eat Lingzhi. There are a lot of people who have missed Lingzhi! If the price makes you dizzy, do not eat Lingzhi, lest the heavy psychological burden overwhelms your body. When a doctor tells you not to take this supplement or that Chinese herb every day, if you choose to trust him, don’t take Lingzhi.

Faced with some “reactions” in the body after eating Lingzhi, if you hesitate whether to continue taking Lingzhi, I can only say that your body will respond after drinking a large glass of water every day, not to mention eating something that you don’t normally eat. How can the body not react to foreign objects? If you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, continue to eat Lingzhi. If you feel that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, don’t eat Lingzhi.

As for what are advantages and disadvantages, you have to judge for yourself, because you know your own body best, and others have nothing to say about it. After taking Lingzhi for a period of time, if you feel healthy, but there are still red abnormal values on the test report or the dose of blood pressure-lowing drugs, blood sugar-lowering drugs or blood lipid-lowering drugs got at the outpatient department every three months remains unchanged, you start to wonder whether eating Lingzhi is effective and hesitate whether to continue eating Lingzhi.

I will tell you that being healthy is not about turning yourself into a “zero defect” but about being able to eat, sleep and do what you should and want to do every day. Lingzhi may not be able to make the test data more perfect, and it may not make you completely absent from taking medicines, but it can protect the liver and kidneys and reduce the side effects of drugs. It can also protect the heart, calm the nerves, regulate immunity and make you live like a normal person. This is the concept of “Say a prayer, blessings will follow”.

Of course, everyone’s expectations and interpretations of health are different. Those who believe are always faithful, and those who do not believe will never believe. In the end, they will return to the word “predestined relationship”. If you don’t want to believe it, I will also bless you. I can only say that if you are willing to believe in Lingzhi and eat the right Lingzhi for a sufficient period of time, Lingzhi will not let you down.

Since you want to buy a one-year serving size of Lingzhi, you really should choose Lingzhi carefully. Not all products with the word “Lingzhi” on the label can guarantee the efficacy of Lingzhi. The quality of Lingzhi still depends on how the producer plants it. If the Lingzhi sellers do not even grow Lingzhi by themselves, how can they be possible to make good Lingzhi products? If a dealer claims that a certain product has any functional ingredients but those ingredients cannot be tested by a third-party impartial agency, how can it give you the desired effect? In ancient times, people were not so particular about eating Lingzhi, and they could enjoy a lot of effects on what they harvested. That was because people’s diet, environment and life were not so complicated in the past, and there was not so much pollution, and they did not have many choices in terms of diet. They didn’t stay up late to binge-watch TV series, hold parties, drink and socialize. It was rare for them to eat a good thing. So Lingzhi was very effective at that time. Nowadays, many people are ruining their bodies. If there is no good Lingzhi with the same provenance, clear ingredients, and stable content, how can the concept of “Say a prayer, blessings will follow” be actualized?

If you really want to be filial to your parents, you should buy a year’s serving size of Lingzhi for your parents to eat. Usually, mothers are less likely to be forgotten by their children, but few people seem to think about taking care of their father. To celebrate Mother’s Day, the dining room is usually fully booked. For Father’s Day, there are very few gatherings. If there is a gathering for the celebration of Father’s Day, the dinner is usually paid for by a father… The gap between the two is too obvious. If this is the case, dads must be self-reliant. As a dad, if no one takes care of you, you should buy yourself a year’s serving of Lingzhi products. In this way, whether you want to hold hands with your wife or bicker with her, you have the capital to be evenly matched!

★ The original text of this article was narrated orally in Chinese by Professor Ruey-Shyang Hseu, organized in Chinese by Ms.Wu Tingyao and translated into English by Alfred Liu. If there is any discrepancy between the translation (English) and the original (Chinese), the original Chinese shall prevail.