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  • GET GOING WITH REISHI: Reishi Mushroom coffee mix with instant coffee & organic reishi mushroom extract, Plus Reishi Mushroom Spore Powder, a superfood powder to help support immume system and vitality.
  • YOUR DAILY WARM-UP: Paired with Reishi Mushroom's potential properties such as relief fatigue, immunity enhancement, sleep aid and nerves calming, this delicious mix helps keep you fit every day.
  • DELICIOUS & ENERGETIC: GANOHERB Reishi Mushroom Coffee has rich Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenes with energetic properties which are reported to boost immune system, calm nerves, balance both blood pressure,cholesterol levels, and improve general wellness.
  • WELLNESS, IMMUNITY & MORE: Studies have shown reishi mushroom capsules could improve your immune defense, support longevity, healthy aging, allergy support and support overall wellness.
  • TOP QUALITY ORGANIC REISHI: The reishi of our reishi mushroom capsules grows in our own organic certified farm. and reishi spore capsule is made by low-temperature cell-wall breaking technology (crack-rate of 99%), GANOHERB has integrated cultivation, production, R&D, sales and service into a whole industry chain. Our ganoderma has been certified organic by USA, EU, China and Japan.

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