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Jun 05, 2020


In a flash, summer is coming. Lingzhi coming from mythology, with its inherent fairy spirit and preciousness, quietly blooms in the poetic and painting Pucheng at 27°N latitude.

Every year after the Grain Full (8th solar term) is over, it is the mysterious period when Ganoderma lucidum sprouts and blooms quietly, and it is also the most lively time in GanoHerb Organic Ganoderma Plantation. Let’s explore in advance the mysterious world where  Ganoderma lucidum grows today!

From Pucheng County, after an hour and a half drive, we finally reached the edge of the plantation, and this is just the edge. To explore the mystery of Reishi, we must walk along the direction of the water into the mountain.

The first group of the Reishi-exploring team struggled on the muddy path. The surrounding mountains became lusher against the blue sky and white clouds. The sound of birds singing is a unique note in the deep mountains.

Listen, this is the gurgling stream near the plantation, winding down along the mountains. This is the water of life for the growth of the baby Ganoderma lucidum. The noonday sun was brilliant and warm. We couldn’t help but grab a handful of spring water to drink. At the tip of our tongues, the water tastes slightly sweet.

After walking through a muddy path, we finally found GanoHerb Organic Reishi Base hidden in the deep mountain forest. The black Lingzhi Shed lies quietly in the mountains, forming a cozy scenery with the surrounding forests, springs and flying butterflies.

Faced with such beautiful scenery, we immediately took out the cell phones and tried to share a good memory through Wechat App but found that the 5G signal fell to 0.

Look. In this organic Reishi base, the newly sprouted baby Ganoderma lucidum was presenting the color of half bright yellow and half white and remained different gestures! It was great fun.

Only one Ganoderma is grown on a piece of Duanwood. Three years of fallow after two years of cultivation. No application of fertilizers or pesticides. Over three decades, GanoHerb has been used to the strict standards of cultivating organic reishi.