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Aug 11, 2021


Both Ganoderma lucidum and vaccines can improve immunity, but what is the difference between the two?

The immunity boosted by the vaccine is aimed at “a certain” enemy. When the enemy disguises itself, the immune system is difficult to block it; the immunity boosted by Ganoderma lucidum is aimed at “all” enemies, even if the enemy keeps changing its disguise, the immune system always finds it.

Therefore, eating Ganoderma lucidum is a bit like going to school every day, and the teacher will teach everything that needs to be learned; vaccination is a bit like participating in a pre-test intensive training class that only offers intensive exercises for the content that “should be tested”.

Let us “read more” together, and “read every day”!

Vaccination offers protection against a certain virus. What about eating Ganoderma lucidum?


What is “vaccine protection”?


It means the degree to which “vaccinated” reduces the risk of illness, severe illness, or death compared to “unvaccinated”. It is a collective term for “vaccine efficacy” and “vaccine effectiveness”.


Vaccine efficacy is known through rigorous clinical trials. It is data published by various pharmaceutical companies.


Vaccine effectiveness is the protective effect that can be achieved in the real world after the vaccination. It covers the data such as the national vaccination rate, the infection rate, hospitalization rate, mortality rate announced by each country.


Therefore, whether it is in clinical trials or in the real world, the so-called “protection generated only after being vaccinated” doesn’t guarantee “no infection” but makes you in the same living environment less susceptible to infection even if you are exposed to the virus, less likely to develop into disease even if you are infected, less likely to develop into severe disease even if you get sick, and less likely to die even if you are severely ill.


Why can vaccines have such “protective power”? Because the vaccines enhance the immune system’s “resistance” to the virus!


Therefore, when everyone says: the more people get vaccinated, the sooner herd immunity can be achieved. In fact, the accurate statement should be: when more people are resistant to the virus (immunity), the more the virus transmission chain can be cut off, and the more it can protect other individuals with low immunity from infection.


When everyone is not susceptible to infection and can be properly taken care of by the hospital even if they are accidentally infected, they can normally live, work, travel, and develop various “person-to-person connections”.


After having this knowledge, we can go back and think again. Vaccination can enhance resistance, provide protection, turn severe cases into mild cases, turn mild cases into symptomlessness, and accelerate the pace of herd immunity. What about eating Ganoderma lucidum?


If you usually eat Ganoderma lucidum, I wonder if you have also experienced: When everyone is catching a cold, only you are healthy. Not only does the number of colds decrease throughout the year, but even if there is a cold, the cold is not serious and it is easier to recover.


In addition, people who eat Ganoderma lucidum have better sleep, better gastrointestinal digestion, and smaller fluctuations in the three high indexes. Ganoderma lucidum can help reduce side effects of drugs, improve the peoplel’s energy and spirit, and improve the people’s resistance to stress.


In fact, improving resistance is not only directly improving the immune systems anti-infection ability but also requires a lot of peripheral assistance such as sleeping well, eating well, relaxing bowels smoothly, keeping a good mood, and exercising regularly.


Maybe we have picked up the treasure a long time ago, but we have never regarded it as a treasure.


If you really take Ganoderma lucidum as a treasure and eat it every day. This treasure has quietly built a basic firewall for you in your firm belief day after day, silently making the most basic contribution to herd immunity.

To coexist with the virus, what kind of immune backing do you need?



From the initial vow to “eliminate the virus”, through repeated mutations of the virus and counter-attack of the epidemic, to now we finally understand that we must “coexist with the virus”. Such a change in mentality is really similar to people’s experience in fighting cancer for decades.


Although one is internal worries and the other is external problems, the body is handed over to the immune system for full control. Therefore, if we want to “live a comfortable life in the presence of the virus”, we must learn to coexist with the virus like coexisting with cancer. This is definitely a long-term battle, and the immune system cannot relax for a moment.


Since the novel coronavirus has “influenzal” characteristics, it will evolve new mutant strains at regular intervals like the flu virus. Therefore, the immune system must have the ability to recognize and eliminate the virus sensitively at any time, so that it can be effective at the first time, allowing you to be infected but asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.


The novel coronavirus also has the characteristics of “hepatitis B”. After catching the immune system off guard, it will lurk in the cells like the hepatitis B virus waiting for its chance. Therefore, the immune system must also have the ability to inhibit the proliferation of the virus at any time, so that the screening results will not alternate between positive and negative due to a sudden increase in the amount of virus, which hinders your freedom of walking in and out.


In addition, the immune system needs to be calm enough so that it will not be affected by high stress, poor mood, poor sleep, casual eating…


At the same time, we must also pray that the immune system will not deteriorate due to aging and chronic diseases.


From sensitivity and rigidity to unremitting efforts every second, how rare is the immune system that can dance with the enemy, especially the strongest immune system that requires “anti-aging”.


According to the analysis of blood samples from 48 children and 70 adults in 28 confirmed families by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia, it was found that the innate immune cells of infected children move quickly to the site of infection and remove the virus before it can conquer the area. But this has not happened in infected adults.


It is the strong innate (non-specific) immune response that makes most infected children almost asymptomatic or mild in symptom; in view of the weakness of the innate immune response, the elderly and chronic patients are prioritized for vaccination in order to improve the acquired (specific) immune response.


According to the results presented by the “real world” in the United Kingdom, the vaccine has indeed improved the ability of adults to resist the novel coronavirus. Even if the more infectious Delta mutant breaks through the line of defense, adults who completed two doses of vaccinations did have significantly lower rates of severe disease and death than those who did not get vaccinated.


But it is undeniable that some adults still die of the novel coronavirus after receiving two doses of the vaccine! Because the vaccine is not 100% effective, and even if it is effective, not everyone responds equally to the vaccine.


What’s crueler is that even if the elderly and chronically ill adults are given two doses of the vaccine, their anti-viral immunity is still not as good as that of healthy children and young people.


Therefore, the immune system that can help you fight the virus needs other backing.


Since the immune system uses almost the same set of SOPs to fight against viruses and cancer, something that can comprehensively improve the immune system’s anti-cancer ability should also comprehensively improve the immune system’s anti-virus ability.


Coexisting with a virus is like coexisting with cancer. Who else can do it besides Ganoderma lucidum? ! The auspicious Ganoderma lucidum, which has been used by humans for thousands of years, has been scientifically tested for nearly half a century, and has accompanied humans through many difficulties, is undoubtedly the most indispensable backing for you and me to survive the epidemic.

Ganoderma lucidum copes with the ever-changing virus by strengthening and consolidating body resistance.


Due to strict border control and quarantine measures, we have for a long time believed that we should worry about encountering the virus only when we go abroad; now with the invasion of the virus, we start to worry that the virus might be around when we go out.


Concerns about whether the contacts around us are infectious have pushed our need for immunity and protection to the highest point.


With the emergence of the fact that “people who have been fully vaccinated may still be infected”, it is becoming clear that when the virus is chasing us and we are chasing the vaccine, the vaccine is actually struggling to chase the changing virus.


It is already clear that this is not a quick battle but a protracted battle. When the plan can’t keep up with the changes, Ganoderma lucidum that strengthens and consolidates body resistance can help you cope with the changes calmly.


About the author/ Ms. Wu Tingyao
Wu Tingyao has been reporting on first-hand Ganoderma lucidum information since 1999. She is the author of Healing with Ganoderma (published in The People’s Medical Publishing House in April 2017). 
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