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May 24, 2023


Grain Buds, (Chinese: 小满), the 8th solar term of a year, begins on May 21 and ends on June 5 this year. It means that the seeds from the grain are becoming full but are not ripe. At this time, the weather gradually became hotter and the rain began to increase. Grain Buds is a turning point for solar term health preservation, marking the beginning of the hot and humid summer. For many people, dampness-heat is unbearable and can easily cause a whole-body disease. Therefore, after Grain Buds, healthcare must start to prevent damage from dampness-heat, which is the first priority of summer health preservation.

The “Three Appropriates” on health preservation after Grain Buds

Eating bitter vegetables

Eating bitter vegetables in hot weather is like taking tonics. After Grain Buds, the weather is gradually hot. At this time, people with poor appetite can eat some heat-clearing, laxative and appetizing bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd and lettuce.

The 3 Appropriates and 3 Inappropriates during Grain Buds (2)

Bitter vegetables can enter the heart meridian to lower the heart-fire and remove the heart-fire to calm the mind. Eating some bitter vegetables can drain fire and resolve summer-heat, fortify the spleen, increase appetite and promote digestion.

Replenish the body’s water supply

From the beginning of Grain Buds, the body consumes more water, and various trace elements are also excreted with sweat. Drinking water alone is not enough to meet the needs of the body, so it is necessary to choose a variety of hydration methods.

As the saying goes, three kinds of vegetables or fruits are available during the Grain Buds solar term, and they refer to cucumber, garlic sprouts, and cherries. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and mineral elements, which can not only replenish the body’s water but also supplement trace elements.

The 3 Appropriates and 3 Inappropriates during Grain Buds (3)

Dispel dampness

Grain Buds is a “wet” start. At this time, moisture penetrates into the human body and “latently” waits until the summer-heat is in full swing, and the summer-heat and dampness echo inside and outside, causing various diseases, such as rheumatism, beriberi and edema.

Spleen governs the movement and transformation of water-damp, and good spleen and stomach function can remove excess damp qi. You can eat more foods that fortify the spleen and disinhibit dampness such as rice beans, luffa gourd and dioscorea to reduce gastrointestinal burden.

You can also cook Ganoderma sinense, red beans and coix seeds into congee. Ganoderma sinense quiets the spirit and helps sleep, coix seeds fortify the spleen and dispel dampness, and red beans disinhibit water, disperse swelling and fortify the spleen and stomach. Regular consumption of the three can help supplement deficiency, nourish the stomach and disperse swelling and dampness.

The 3 Appropriates and 3 Inappropriates during Grain Buds (4)

Recommended Reishi Recipe

Coix Seed Congee with Ganoderma sinense and Red Beans

Food Ingredients: 100 grams of coix seeds, 25 grams of (dried) dates, 50 grams of red beans, 10 grams of Ganoherb organic Ganoderma sinense slices, and a small amount of white granulated sugar.


1. Soak coix seeds and red beans in warm water for half a day; rinse Ganoderma sinense slices in water; remove pits from dates and soak them in water.

2. Put coix seeds, red beans, Ganoderma sinense slices and dates into the pot together.

3. Add water to make congee, and finally sprinkle with sugar to taste.

The “Three Inappropriates” on health preservation after Grain Buds

Excessive consumption of hot-spicy acrid foods

The increase in night activities in summer can easily generate internal heat, causing symptoms of excessive internal heat like constipation, oral ulcers and sore throat.

You should eat less hot-spicy acrid foods but drink more mung bean soup and cool tea to prevent the superposition of internal heat and external heat.

Overconsumption of cold foods and drinks

As the temperature continues to rise in summer, people often like to disperse summerheat with cold drinks. Excessive consumption of cold drinks can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. In terms of diet, you should pay attention to avoiding excessive consumption of raw or cold foods.


During the Grain Buds period, people tend to feel restless. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine, ”Fire and wind evils stir up each other”, which psychologists call “emotional heat stroke”.

At this time, you should pay attention to adjusting your mood, maintain a happy spirit, and avoid depression, anxiety, anger and other bad emotions.

The 3 Appropriates and 3 Inappropriates during Grain Buds (6)

When spring comes to an end and summer comes, the south harvests and sows in summer, and the north welcome grains full but are not ripe. The harvest of “Grain Buds” is always realized through hard work.