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Apr 16, 2020


April 15-21, 2020 is the 26th National Cancer Prevention and Treatment Publicity Week. In this era of “turningpale at the mention of cancer”, taking advantage of the tumor week, let’s focus on how to protect ourselves from cancer.

TCM’s understanding about cancer

In this COVID-19 epidemic, Dr. Zhang Wenhong once said, “The most effective drug is the human immunity.” In ancient times, the preventive effect of immunity on diseases has also been recognized.

According to Inner Canon of Huangdi, ” When there is sufficient healthy Qi inside, pathogenic factors have no way to invade the body”. The healthy Qi is now human immunity. TCM doctors believes that if healthy Qi is deficient for a long period, the body is easy to suffer from various diseases. The occurrence of cancer is inseparable from a lack of healthy Qi. Therefore, it is very important for cancer prevention to protect the healthy Qi and improve self-immunity.

The role and contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to cancer prevention

With regard to the prevention of malignant tumors, traditional Chinese medicines that belong to homology of medicine and food have the advantages of high safety, small side reactions and flexible dosage forms. They give play to their unique advantages.  The below is about how the traditional Chinese medicines enhance immunity:

First, Ginseng.
Known as the “king of herbs”, ginseng contains a variety of ginsenosides, ginseng polysaccharides, vitamins and a variety of trace-elements. Modern pharmacological studies have found that ginseng polysaccharides can play a regulatory role in the immune system in multiple ways and can enhance the body’s specific and non-specific immune functions.

Second, Astragalus.

It has the effect of invigorating Qi for consolidating superficies, promoting urination, discharge toxins and regenerating tissue to heal wound. Modern pharmacological studies have also shown that astragalus has a variety of effects such as enhancing immunity, fighting fatigue, reducing blood glucose and antiviral. Astragalus polysaccharides contained in astragalus can also be used as immune promoters or regulators, which have obvious inhibitory effects on a variety of experimental tumors.

Third, Reishi.
In ancient times, Ganoderma lucidum has the reputation of immortal grass. It has the effects of tonifying Qi, nourishing the heart to tranquilize the mind and boosting the immune system. It ranked first in top-grade medicines in Sheng Nong’s Herbal Classic. Its ranking is even before ginseng and Cordyceps.

Modern research has confirmed that Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenes contained inGanoderma lucidum spore powder and spore oil have good effects on improving human immunity. However, due to the double-layer hard shells on the surface of Ganoderma lucidum spores, it is difficult for the human body to absorb Lingzhi active ingredients such as polysaccharides and triterpenes. So it is necessary to use modern technology for the cell-wall breaking treatment and deep extraction. After treatment, the essence of Reishi mushroom is more easily absorbed by the human body.

Of course, traditional Chinese medicines that belong to the homology of medicine and food are not magic medicines. We usually choose the appropriate traditional Chinese medicines for consumption through dialectical differentiation. Although they can improve our own immunity, it does not mean that we will never get sick at all after taking them.

What habits can prevent cancer?

Cancer is a disease related to nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle. Therefore, in addition to preventing cancer with traditional Chinese medicine, we need to adhere to the following points in life.

First, food management. We need to adhere to a diet low in salt and fat and eat less roasted, grilled, smoked, pickled and moldy foods, which contain a variety of carcinogenic substances.

Second, maintain adequate exercise. This helps increase the number of immune cells in the human body, enhance resistance and maintain body weight. However, we should exercise within our capabilities. Usually, we only do exercise to the extent of slight sweating and faster heartbeat.

Third, keep optimistic. Too much psychological pressure may lead to an increase in hormone components that have an inhibitory effect on the immune system, thereby reducing immunity. Multiple studies have also confirmed that emotion is one of the causes of various diseases.

Last, adjust living habits. We should quit smoking, limit drinking and ensure adequate sleep time. If you usually have poor sleep, it is recommended to fall asleep by relaxing methods such as meditation, massage and listening to light music.

Cancer prevention methods such as diet adjustment, foot exercise, emotion management and healthy living habits should be maintained in daily life for a long time. Of course, we can also improve our own immunity through reasonable assistance of traditional Chinese medicine so that we can better protect our body and prevent pathogenic factors to invade the body.

This program is co-produced by 39 Health Network and Good Lingzhi GanoHerb.

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