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Jul 13, 2020


Why do people grow old?

The increase of free radicals is the main reason for aging. Free radicals are what people call the garbage produced by cells during the metabolic process, forming lipid peroxides in biofilms, causing changes in cell structure and function, leading to damage to organs and tissues. Aging, tumor, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and autoimmune diseases are all related to lipid peroxidation and excessive free radical production. Experiments have shown that Ganoderma lucidum is an antioxidant and has free radical scavenging effects. In experiments in mice, it has been confirmed that Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide can reduce the generation of free radicals in mouse peritoneal macrophages, scavenge active oxygen free radicals, inhibit lipid peroxidation, improve cell survival rate and play an anti-aging role. [The text of this paragraph is selected from "Talks about Lingzhi that Prolongs Life" written by Wang Shoudong, Jiang Fan and Wang Xiaoyun]

Many experiments have confirmed that Reishi mushroom can accelerate the removal of free radicals, improve the concentration and activity of various antioxidant enzymes in the body and improve the imbalance between “oxidation” and “antioxidation” whether in a healthy or diseased state. This effect explains not only why Ganoderma lucidum can make tissues and organs younger but also why age spots will become lighter or disappear and why the original white hair will grow black again after eating Lingzhi for a period of time. [The text in this paragraph is selected from "Lingzhi, Ingenious beyond Description" by Wu Tingyao, P206]