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Apr 24, 2020


With the spring breeze caressing your cheeks, everything recovers. In traditional Chinese medicine  theories, the liver belongs to wood, and it will correspond to the spring yang. Therefore, in the spring, people with liver deficiency are more likely to have health problems. At this time, we should pay attention to protecting and nourishing the liver. If these signs appear in your body, you must pay attention to your liver because your liver is calling for help!

1. People who don’t usually get drunk get drunk easily

Many people usually drink a lot of alcoholic drinks, and they don’t get drunk easily. But they get drunk easily in spring, even if they drink a little wine. This means that the liver ’s ability to break down alcohol is obviously reduced, and the liver is reminding you that it is sick and needs to be protected. At this time, you must start to have awareness of protecting and nourishing the liver. You can stew Ganoderma lucidum slices, ginger slices and spices with ribs. The Ganoderma rib soup is very nourishing to the liver. 2. A sudden increase in acne After spring comes, acne on the face may increase. This is because the strength of the liver function directly affects the balance of luteal hormones, and the luteal hormones in the human body can promote the secretion of sebum. Once the balance is disrupted, it will lead to an increase in sebum secretion. As a result, acne increases. 3. Red noses are more likely to appear Some people’s noses are particularly prone to redness, even long-term redness. This is due to the dilation of the capillaries in the nose. Although not all cases of “red nose” are caused by liver damage, the reduction of women’s liver function will lead to the appearance of “red nose”. 4. The face color turns black The metabolic function of the liver directly affects the metabolism of iron. Usually, a certain amount of iron is accumulated in the liver of the human body. So when liver cells are damaged, iron will flow into the blood vessels, causing the increase of iron content in the blood, thereby darkening the face. When the face is obviously black, the liver is reminding you that it is high time to protect the liver. Some people say, “If you miss nourishing your liver in spring, you have to wait for the next spring.” So how is it more appropriate to nourish the liver in spring? In fact, the solution is very simple. It is commonly recommended to drink Ganoderma soup. When you are free, drinking Ganoderma rib soup is beneficial to liver protection. Why is Reishi mushroom good for nourishing and protecting the liver? When people feel uncomfortable, Ganoderma lucidum is easier to stimulate their appetite whether Ganoderma lucidum is to cook soup or boil water, it can timely supplement the nutrition needed by the human body, warm and nourish the stomach, help the stomach digest, help the liver strengthen metabolism to excrete the toxins accumulated in the internal organs. Therefore, taking more Reishi mushroom in this spring to protect your liver for a whole year. Last but not the least, Lingzhi spore oil, spore powder or extract is better than the fruiting body since they are highly processed and contain the essence of Lingzhi.