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Mar 26, 2020


Plants sprout in spring when the Yang Qi rises. Spring is the most important time to maintain the liver.Is your liver okay?

China is a country with a large number of liver diseases, including hepatitis b, hepatitis c, alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver, drug-induced liver disease and autoimmune liver disease. About 1 in 10 of our relatives and friends are infected with chronic hepatitis b or c virus, and younger group is more likely to develop fatty liver?

The liver is an extremely sensitive organ. Although it seems busy and silent, once it is out of work, it is no joke.  A variety of factors in life can lead to liver damage. These below bad habits hurt the liver the most!

Excessive free radicals in tobacco will enter the human body and lead to the oxidation of the liver tissue, causing tissue damage, necrosis, even fibrosis or cancer.

Excessive drinking can reduce the liver’s ability to purify blood, leading to an increase in toxins in the body. In addition, heavy drinking can easily lead to liver poisoning and even cirrhosis of the liver.

Staying up late is the most likely to lead to liver disease. Frequent staying up late will not only lead to sleep deprivation but decline the body’s resistance and affect the liver’s self-repair work at night.

Eating too much will increase gastrointestinal burden, induce fatty liver and easily damage gastrointestinal health. Most of us focus on losing weight every day, thin belly, thin arms, thin legs … but we may overlook the part that needs the most fat loss, that is, the liver.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that anger hurts the liver. Liver controls conveyance and dispersion. Anger will lead to stagnant and impassable Qi activity,  which further leads to the generation of various diseases. Rage can also directly damage liver parenchyma, destroy the function of liver in storing blood and regulating blood volume.

Liver is the important organ of drug aggregation, transformation and metabolism. Blind or excessive taking of drugs, especially western drugs will easily lead to drug-induced liver injury or hepatitis.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, spring belongs to wood in the five-elements, and the human liver also belongs to wood in the five internal organs. Therefore, spring is the golden time for nourishing the liver. How should we care for the liver? Take this set of “Liver Protection Kits” quickly ~

1 Staying away from alcohol is key
People who drink 80 to 160 grams per day have a 5 to 25 times increase in the incidence of fatty liver than those who do not drink. To prevent and alleviate fatty liver, try to avoid liquor, red wine, beer and alcoholic beverages.

2 “Late Sleepers” should pay attention! We need to adjust the rest time as much as possible, it is best to fall asleep before 11 o’clock every night to ensure that we can sleep 7 ~ 8 hours every night so that the liver can effectively detoxify.

3 Eating right is the most important thing
Set a regular limit for three meals: full for breakfast, good for lunch and half full for dinner. Cooking methods should be based on steaming, quick-boiling, stirring and mixing, and boiling. At the same time, avoid excessive eating, midnight snacks and other bad habits.

4 Keep a good mood and get rid of a bad temper
Good or bad mood will affect the liver, keeping a good mood is a good way to nourishing the liver. When the mood is not good, try to find a way to vent and eliminate bad feelings.

5 Watch out for signals from the liver
If you feel fatigue and weak, feel painful in the liver, has an abnormal skin color … you must be vigilant. This is a manifestation of liver abnormality. Please prevent and treat it in time.

6 Don’t forget Ganoderma
Ganoderma has been regarded as a top product for “protecting the liver” since ancient times, and it is also a traditional Chinese medicine that improves immunity and prevents colds in winter and spring. GanoHerb Lingzhi Spore Oil Softgel is made of selected organic Ganoderma lucidum spore powder from the self-built plantation in the Wuyi Mountains and refined by low-temperature physical cell-wall breaking technology and supercritical CO₂ extraction technology. Its total triterpenoids of Reishi mushroom exceed 20%, which helps enhance immunity and protects against chemical liver injury.

The liver is the source of life. From now on, pay more attention and care to the liver health and keep a healthy liver.