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Dec 23, 2022


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Despite the many changes in the world, what remains unchanged is that lung cancer is still a serious problem for human health; despite the repeated introduction of anticancer drugs, traditional chemotherapy drugs are still a necessary evil in many cases.

However, if the normal cells are not well protected, no matter how powerful the chemotherapy is, it will be difficult for the patient to bear it.

How to protect yourself during chemotherapy? Take the effect of chemotherapy as much as possible and eliminate the toxicity of chemotherapy? The combination with Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides during chemotherapy is an option worthy of serious consideration.

The research published in the December 2021 issue of the “International Journal of Biological Macromolecules” by Associate Professor Tung-Yi Lin et al. from the Institute of Traditional Medicine of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan proved through cell and animal experiments that WSG (Water Soluble Polysaccharide derived from Ganoderma lucidumcan not only improve the inhibitory effect of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin on lung adenocarcinoma but also protect immune cells and normal cells and greatly increase the survival rate of experimental animals. 

Cell experiments showed that the combination of WSG and cisplatin increased the efficacy of cisplatin and reduced the toxicity of cisplatin.

The researchers combined the administration of WSG and cisplatin to observe their effects on lung adenocarcinoma cells and normal cells in vitro.

It was found that whether it was against human lung adenocarcinoma cells or mouse lung adenocarcinoma cells, WSG (Water Soluble Polysaccharide derived from Ganoderma lucidum) could “enhance” the lethality of cisplatin on cancer cells (that is, promote apoptosis of cancer cells); on the contrary, whether it was against human normal lung tissue cells or mouse macrophages, WSG can “reduce” the damage of cisplatin to normal cells.

WSG alone has no harm to cancer cells and normal cells while cisplatin alone can damage both cancer cells and normal cells. However, combined administration of WSG and cisplatin can reduce the survival rate of cancer cells and strive for more survival space for normal cells, showing that WSG has the effect of increasing the efficacy of cisplatin and reducing the toxicity of cisplatin.

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Cell viability of lung adenocarcinoma cells, WSG and cisplatin co-cultured for 24h

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Cell viability of normal cells cultured with WSG or cisplatin for 24h

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Cell viability of normal cells, WSG and cisplatin co-cultured for 24h

Animal experiments show that combined administration of WSG and cisplatin slows down tumor growth.

The researchers further implanted the mouse lung adenocarcinoma cell line into the subcutaneous tissue of experimental mice. Under the condition that the immune system is also involved in the fight against cancer, the researchers observed the effect of WSG entering the body on the treatment of cisplatin. After 21 days of experimentation, the researchers found that either WSG alone or cisplatin alone could make the tumor grow slower and smaller, and the tumor inhibitory effect of WSG was even no less than that of cisplatin, but the joint effect of WSG (Water Soluble Polysaccharide derived from Ganoderma lucidum) and cisplatin is the best.

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Inhibitory effect of WSG, cisplatin or both on the growth of lung adenocarcinoma

Animal experiments show that “WSG + cisplatin” reduces tumor incidence and improves viability.

The researchers also conducted another animal experiment, injecting the lung adenocarcinoma cell line from the tail vein of the mouse, and then treating it with WSG, cisplatin or both, and observed the number of tumors or nodules that had grown in the lungs and the survival of the mice after 21 days. They found that WSG, cisplatin or the combined administration of both can inhibit the formation of tumors or nodules, and can also prolong the life of lung adenocarcinoma mice, but the group with the best performance was unexpectedly lung adenocarcinoma mice treated with WSG alone. WSG (Water Soluble Polysaccharide derived from Ganoderma lucidum) clearly plays an important role in improving immune function and protecting normal cells.

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Inhibition of the growth of tumors or nodules in the lungs by WSG, cisplatin or both and their effect on lifespan

WSG is equally good at offence and defense in anti-cancer.

The effect of WSG on tumor inhibition and life protection in animal experiments is no less than or even better than that of cisplatin alone or in combination with cisplatin, which is largely due to the fact that WSG (Water Soluble Polysaccharide derived from Ganoderma lucidum) is capable of suppressing cancer cells as soon as they appear.

In the face of cancer cells that have not yet grown up and formed into tumors, as long as we can immediately work hard to improve immune function and protect normal cells, it is always easier to reduce the damage of cancer cells.

Therefore, the above research results not only provide a reference basis for efficacy enhancing and toxicity reducing of chemotherapy drugs but also prove that the use of WSG during chemotherapy is definitely a plus rather than a minus or interference, and also reminds us of the importance and feasibility of taking preventive measures in the first place.

Only in this study, WSG was given to experimental animals by intraperitoneal injection. The efficiency of peritoneal absorption into the intestinal tract is faster than that of oral intake, and the intraperitoneal dose is also less than the dose required by oral administration. Therefore, how much dose of WSG needs to be taken orally to obtain the same effect as intraperitoneal injection is worthy of further deliberation by researchers.

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[Source] Wei-Lun Qiu, et al. WSG, a Glucose-Rich Polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum, Combined with Cisplatin Potentiates Inhibition of Lung Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo. Polymers (Basel). 2021;13(24):4353 .


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