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Jan 19, 2023


More and more Fujianese may have worked as “purchasing agents” for “GanoHerb Organic Ganoderma” for their relatives, friends, and customers in other places. The Lunar New Year’s flavor of the Fujian people is inseparable from the delicacies of mountains and seas and Ganoderma lucidum, which symbolizes health, longevity and auspiciousness. GanoHerb organic Reishi from Mount Wuyi, the hometown of longevity, is an ideal healthy gift for relatives and friends.

On New Year’s Eve, every household puts up Spring Festival couplets, hangs lanterns, lights firecrackers and prays for a better life. The New Year’s Eve in 2023, after three years of the epidemic, is destined to be extraordinary. Health has become the greatest expectation of people.

Remember to bring GanoHerb Organic Reishi gifts when you return to your hometown or visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. When Reishi comes home, so does health, luck and reunion.

The Wuyi Mountains with Pucheng as the center have a history of Reishi culture inheritance for thousands of years. It is not only the birthplace of log-cultivated organic Reishi in China but also one of the First Batch of “Three Frees and One Whole” Medicinal Material Brand Bases in China and the first Reishi promotion base for the “Modernization Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine” under the national key research and development program in Fujian.

Reishi is not only the medicine preferred by traditional Chinese medicine doctors for thousands of years but also the new favorite of young punks for health preservation. It is also a good supplement for mothers to cook soup and congee. Its existence is irreplaceable in the health preservation memory of Chinese people.


From the initial Reishi fruiting body to the intensively processed Reishi spore powder, Reishi extract and Reishi spore oil, to Reishi coffee, Reishi tea and Reishi biscuits that are popular in the world today, GanoHerb that has been focusing on Reishi for more than 30 years, brought the usage and eating method of Reishi to the extreme.

When celebrating a reunion, it is always inevitable to drink wine. However, long-term drinking and excessive drinking will overburden the liver. If you suffer from alcoholic liver injury or chemical liver injury, you need Reishi spore oil that condenses the essence of Reishi.


Both Shennong Materia Medica and Compendium of Materia Medica record that Reishi nourishes liver qi and calms the nerves.

Zhi-Bin Lin, a professor at Peking University Health Science Center, also mentioned in the book Lingzhi From Mystery to Science that Reishi can improve the anti-virus ability of liver cells, make it difficult for hepatitis viruses to enter liver cells and inhibit the reproduction of viruses in liver cells.

The New Year’s Eve dinner with Reishi as a dish is healthy and unique.

Duck, pork ribs, crucian carp, native chicken, pig heart and other dishes are paired with Reishi, which can not only stimulate the unique taste of the ingredients but also be full of rich Reishi taste and smell, which means health and longevity.

Ganoderma sinense is warm in nature. When it is paired with ingredients such as duck and ginger, it can make ordinary soup more nutritious and delicious.

Knead the spore powder into the flour and wrap it with your favorite pork and cabbage stuffing, which can enhance the taste and nutrition of this dish.

As New Year’s Eve is approaching, remember to bring GanoHerb Reishi gifts to express the most sincere blessings when you visit your elders, relatives and friends.