Ganoderma Benefits

1. General wellbeing
The anti-aging properties of Ganoderma are well known for thousands of years. Prevention is better than cure. Adequate use of this herb can improve our immunity, bodily functions and adaptability to changes that lead to better well-being.

2. Sleep disorders
Insomnia involves the dysfunction of neural, endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems of the body. Unlike normal sedatives, which only treat the symptoms of insomnia, Ganoderma targets the root of the problem. It can soothe the nerves, recover the dysfunctional systems and interrupt the long-term effects of insomnia. Sleep then is improved, spirits uplifted and memory rejuvenated.

3. High blood pressure
Clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Ganoderma in reducing blood pressure and improving associated symptoms. Its effect on blood lipid regulation can directly and indirectly prevent and treat high blood pressure.

4. High cholesterol
Ganoderma, when used alone or with lipid-lowering medication can decrease serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Its liver-protecting effects also help reduce injuries to the liver caused by lipid-lowering medication.

5. Diabetes
Preliminary clinical trials have showed that Ganoderma reduces blood sugar in patients and enhances the efficacy of diabetic medication. With its blood lipid regulating functions, it can effectively improve blood sugar levels and alleviate common symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

6. Cancer Support
There has been extensive ongoing research on the effect of using Ganoderma as a supplement during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Several clinical trials have shown that the herb strengthens the immunity and decreases toxic side effects caused by drugs or radiotherapy. Improvements have been seen in physical fitness and quality of life in cancer patients.

7. Bronchitis
Ganoderma has been known to alleviate chronic bronchitis symptoms and reduce frequency of attacks. Physiologically, it enhances immune functions, protects respiratory epithelia cells, and suppresses allergic reactions so as to improve conditions in chronic bronchitis sufferers.

8. Liver diseases
Ganoderma is found to have liver-protecting properties. It has been used in the treatment of liver injuries caused by viral hepatitis and chemical liver injuries caused by alcohol or drugs.

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